Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Social Networking - iPhone Style

I have upgraded my iTouch to the 2.0 version of the iTouch software, this makes the iTouch equivalent to the iPhone, but without the Phone. The software available is very good, some of course have problems, but the ability to social network with the iPhone is huge. The latest application I have been playing with is "Twinkle".


Twinkle has huge potential, right now though it's going through some growing pains with some unfortunate crashing, release 1.1 of the software is supposed to be released soon, hopefully this will resolve the crashing. Twinkle allows you to determine a radius of users you want to see and associate with, ranging from 1 mile to everywhere (and sure enough with everywhere selected I'm seeing people in Japan, Russia and Europe). I have some great ideas for Twinkle or a Twinkle like application (I need to write these down and have a talk with my developers), that would fill huge holes in Twinkle. For geeks like me who've been around for a few years, Twinkle reminds us of our youth and services like CompuServe. I'm not sure what the business model for this group is, but I'll bet that it is to get a good user base and then sell to Google.


The iPhone has the great ability to locate you on the map (the iTouch shares this and uses the internet to locate you with almost too good precision). This helps tools like Twinkle locate you. It also allows tools that will find the closest hotel, restaurant, movie theater, etc... It's very cool and very well thought out. One restaurant locator called "SilverSpoon" uses the motion sensitive capabilities of the iPhone and offers the user the ability to shake the iPhone to pull up a random restaurant. It does give you the ability to lock in the city closest to you, the type of cuisine or the amount you want to spend, but this application could solve the age old question of "Where do we eat", you just turn on your iPhone, give it a shake and go to where the application tells you to.

Favorite Application

OK, while Twinkle is cool, it's fun to talk to everyone around me (not many in my town, so I have my range set to 100 mile radius, I now have friends all over the area), and apps like SilverSpoon are great, my favorite app is called "Light Saber". Light Saber is just that, it has a little Jedi light saber, you can pick the color of the blade, and then as you move the iPhone it will make the same sound of a light saber as it moves. Yeah, I know I'm a Star Wars geek (and proud of it).


I don't like the syncing of the iPhone, it has a problem syncing my pictures, Apple needs to fix that. Overall I think the iPhone is a must have for those who have good AT&T coverage and want a cool toy (it's more than a toy though, it's functional as a PDA also). I've come to think of my iTouch as something that also does music, go figure.


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