Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Apple iTouch Upgrade

I just purchased the iTouch upgrade to version 2.0, it bothered me to be required to purchase this upgrade, since before the upgrade the iTouch was barely usable. Now I'm able to download and install Apple sanctioned software, which I guess means that if I purchase the software Apple gets a piece of the action. I'm not hot on purchasing upgrades like this, especially when it's not so much an upgrade, rather it's a fix for poor software on it's intial release.

OK, I'm done with my rant, what do I like about the upgrade? Quite a bit actually, though there's still a lot I need to play with. One of the great items is that it handles IMAP, for those of you who know me, I love IMAP. They try to push a product called "me", which requires you to store all your information on an Apple server, hmm let's think about that, I'm going to put all my contact information, emails, and schedules up on a server and trust a third party to secure it, uh nope.

Besides do we honestly think that Apple will keep it up and working at all times, such as when a new release comes out and everyone needs to resync their device? From my experience with Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail, I'm not sure if I believe that everyone should be accessing the same site for information.

OK, I'm ranting again. The iTouch does allow you to download games (which is great for when you're bored), it allows you to handle multiple email accounts, stocks, maps, contacts, etc... I'm not sure how it syncs with Outlook, mainly because I keep my music on one machine and my Outlook on another machine. If you have the old iTouch I'd upgrade, if you're purchasing an iTouch, don't do it unless you have the upgrade installed. For me it took a few hours to complete the install, since the upgrade backed up my device and then restored it (it did a great job at that, I was impressed).

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