Thursday, July 17, 2008

iTouch - Review #2

OK, I've had a bit more time to play with my newly upgraded iTouch. I do have Outlook syncing with it fine, though the ability to sync is a bit hidden in iTunes. I like the ability of being able to have multiple desktops on the iTouch, I currently have three desktops that I've set up in groups of Utilities, Social Networking, and Games.
Currently my favorite game is Sudoku from EA, I've mastered 4 levels in it, there are 5 levels, the first three (Easy, Normal, Hard) are all fairly easy. Very Hard required me to use the notes feature in the tool (the first three levels I could manage the numbers in my head with little problem).
AOL Radio
I saw a review of AOL Radio on SomeWhatFrank, so naturally I downloaded the application and started to play with it. It's very cool, I was able to dock my ITouch to my radio docking station, tune into AOL Radio and play it through my ITouch to my radio. OK, let's think about this for a second. I'm using my ITouch (which is supposed to have the music that I want to listen to), to connect to a radio station and play the radio station over my radio, hmm..... Though I have to admit that it is cool, and if you want to listen to a station that isn't in your neighborhood and that station is available via AOL Radio, then you're set.
I need to stick with my previous review of this device and say it's really cool and a must have for any gadget freak like me. I wish I could get the phone, but until Apple builds a version to work on Verizon, I'm stuck with the lousy toys that Verizon gives us.

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