Friday, August 13, 2010

The world vs Microsoft...

I think it's a bit funny how it's still the world against Microsoft. While I'm not a big Microsoft fan, I'm impressed how they took an opportunity and made it into a billion dollar empire. They haven't always been clean about it and they've played silly little games (such as investing in a company in Utah who then claimed rights to Linux), but they have dominated their space. Just what is their space, well it's business and operating systems, for some reason they seem to flounder when it comes to home use. People use Microsoft products at home, but that's because it's what they're used to for work. I've said it a million times (OK not quite that often, but I've said it a few times), if you take a close look at companies like Apple, Oracle and Google (three big competitors of Microsoft), you'll see that they are just as full as lies, tricks and even scarier data collection than Microsoft is. Google (who hosts this blog) is getting scarier by the day, they own the rights to most of your searches (they track everything), their business model is analytics, I'm sure if you looked at your record at Google, you'd find that they know more about you than you do.

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